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Grow Your Practice
and Grow Yourself

Our Academy will provide you with the skills, techniques, mindset, and support to develop others and to become a master in our heart-opening and mind-blowing facilitation style.

You’ll get access to our expansive knowledge, creative content, branded materials, and an exclusive business opportunity – start facilitating our official workshops in your country!

Our Method,
Make It Yours

We invite you to join our world-class team of Certified Facilitators; this is what you’ll gain:

Be Part Of A
Global Tribe

Becoming a facilitator in our academy is an amazing opportunity to create connections, network, and share knowledge with expert professionals all over the world.

ICF Accredited

Our academy programs grant you with International Coaching Federation CCEUs and allow you to facilitate accredited workshops for others.


Expand Your Facilitation Toolkit

Learn how to become an engaging facilitator that leads groups in development processes, face-to-face and online. You will receive tools, a comprehensive guide book, and practical tips.

Access Professional Resources

Being part of our facilitation team grants you open access to professional resources that are updated frequently. These resources include endless ideas and ready-made workshops. 

Elevate Content
Into Experience

Learn how to incorporate experiential methods in your practice, such as:

Mindfulness, phototherapy, storytelling, music therapy, and more. Turn every encounter with you to be profound.

Turn Your Knowledge
Into Profit

Becoming a Points of You® certified facilitator will allow you to facilitate our official award-winning workshops, offer new solutions to your existing clients and reach new audiences.

Our Academy has
4 Levels of Knowledge

Climb up the ladder of knowledge step-by-step.

Once you complete each of the level’s requirements, you receive an official certification title and may facilitate the levels below

Level 1 - Explorer


In this exciting 6hr. Workshop you will get a taste of the Points of You® methodology and tools, experience a unique form of communication and dialogue, and add new skills to your professional know-how.


Completing the ‘Hello Points’ workshop makes you a Points of You® Explorer.

Level 2 - Practitioner


This rhythmic 16-hour workshop is packed with both experiential and practical knowledge. Learn diverse techniques for different target audiences that will be easily integrated into your daily professional use.


Completing L.2 requirements makes you a Points of You® Practitioner.

Level 3 - Expert


In this five days, all-inclusive program, you’ll be experiencing a life-changing professional & personal journey. Learn to create comprehensive workshops based on the unique combination of your strengths and passions with the Points of You® tools and methods.


Completing L.3 requirements makes you a Points of You® Expert.

Level 4 - Master


This seven days, all-inclusive program is an uplifting experience and the top of the mastery mountain of Points of You® facilitation. At Top View Program, our Dream Team of Experts goes through a transformative journey of initiation led by Points of You® Co-Founders.

Completing L.4 requirements makes you a Points of You® Master.

Ready To Start?

If you have a calling to join us and embark on a fascinating journey of ongoing growth and belonging – Let’s make it happen!

Create your future with our Level 1


Level 1

Take the next step for your personal development and professional career


Level 2

Get excited and meet people around the world


Level 3

Be one of our unique Master and facilitate around the world


Level 4

  • Who are the Academy's main participants?
    The Academy workshops are for anyone who wants to learn new observation skills, experience creative dialogue, and expand their professional toolkit.
  • Can I join all of the Academy levels?
    It’s better to start with the Level 1 Hello Points Workshop and to climb the ladder of knowledge. If you are looking for a deeper experience, you can participate straight in L2 Creative Practice or L3 Turning Point Program.
  • How do I become a certified Points of You® Facilitator?
    Becoming a certified facilitator starts with attending Academy workshops. Check out our Certification Process. Points of You® Facilitators get full support during their certification journey.
  • Do I get any certificates once completing the Academy workshops?
    Sure. Once you finish the training, you will receive a certificate of attendance based on the level you have completed. According to the workshop duration, the certificate will also include CCEUs at the International Coaching Federation (ICF).
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