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Faces is a straightforward and powerful tool that is all about people, relationships, and getting to know ourselves through the faces of others.


Faces present a diverse mix of people from all around the world across genders, races, ages, and cultures. It captures them in unique black-and-white Face Cards with Reflection Cards that present various human archetypes.

Tool for leadership, teams and therapist

What Can You Do With Faces?


Guide others:

  • Observe how they perceive others and how others perceive them.

  • Introspect meaningful figures in their lives who inspired and nurtured them and those who offended and hurt them.

  • Identify patterns regarding their relationships and the roles they choose to play.

  • Explore relationships with their significant others through portrait photos and archetypes.

  • Express their needs, feelings, and wishes and connect to inner resources.

What´s in the Kit?

99 Face Cards

Black and white face photos of characters captured in special moments.
Black and white photos minimize distractions and help focus on facial expressions.
99 faces cards of characters captured in special moments

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