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Punctum is a dynamic and metaphorical tool that helps you stimulate a moment of discovery and clarity.

Punctum is the meeting point between intriguing photos, words, and question cards. The magic between the three helps create a world of possibilities, associations, and feelings, making it a fascinating and flexible tool.

Punctum made to fit in each bag

What Can You Do With Punctum?


Guide others:

  • Uncover their inner world, projections and unconscious areas.

  • Start a deep thought process and introspection.

  • Make unexpected and surprising connections across topics in their lives.

  • Bring themselves fully and authentically into a meaningful dialogue.

  • Express themselves using any tool they are comfortable with: questions, words or photos.

What´s in the Kit?

33 Photo Cards

Intriguing and thought-provoking photos
33 photo cards with intriguing and thought provoking images

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