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Build a
Culture of Dialogue

Our game-changing suite of solutions will help you transform the way you communicate within your organisation and boost your team’s productivity and well-being.

With vast expertise in making people share and collaborate, and innovative tools designed to fit managers’ workflow, our solutions will accompany you throughout the employee journey, taking your organisation to new heights.

How Open Dialogue Makes All The Difference

Changing the way your team communicates is building your team for success. Here’s what you’ll gain:

Communicate Effectively with 
Speak Up Solutions for Organisations

Speak Up Toolkit

A game-changing toolkit that empowers teams to communicate and collaborate effectively, for greater success in the fast-paced, high-performance workplace.


Spark honest conversations and take your team’s communication skills to the next level, with this playful, engaging therapeutic photography-based tool.

Speak Up Digital

Your ultimate solution for hosting online meetings that connect and engage.
Using our unique therapeutic-photography technics, make your team more collaborative and motivated, and increase productivity and well-being.

Access professional resources available only for Speak Up Digital, including online sessions and extras!

Speak Up Tailor-Made

Points of You® offers unique, practical, and uplifting learning programs that bond teams and bring results.

Unexpected but precise, we tailor our programs to your company’s specific needs and culture.


Contact one of our experts to strategically meet your company’s needs.

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