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The Coaching Game

The Coaching Game is a powerful tool that boosts development and transformation. It offers an easy way to go surprisingly deep and get valuable insights and results.

The combination of images together with words triggers right-brain intuition with left-brain logic. Kickstart a process of exploration, shift perspectives and make new significant connections.

The Coaching Game for more opportunities

What Can You Do With The Coaching Game?


Guide others:

  • Go through a visual and well-structured observation process.

  • Connect their logical and emotional parts by creating new meaningful links

  • Open up, communicate and express themselves through images and metaphors.

  • Get clarity and insight about challenging issues and stressful situations.

  • Focus on solutions and translate insights into an action plan.

What´s in the Kit?

65 Photo Cards

Unexpected photos meets words with a twist, exploring themes from everyday life
65 photo cards exploring themes from everyday life

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