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This is the 
DNA from Points of You®,
Our Building Blocks 
Everything We Do Starts Here


This is a ceremony, held with great simplicity.


It means getting up in the morning and, first of all, meeting myself. Pausing for a moment, looking myself in the eye, and asking: How am I? How do I feel?


It means being here and now, fully present, alert, with heightened senses and all sensors receiving, collecting data from inside and outside, looking at them and allowing them to look back at us. Raising questions, bringing up emotions, allowing clarity, understanding, and even knowledge.


This is a human encounter, seeking eye contact, looking for truth, understanding that what we do not understand is not necessarily incorrect, but may simply be outside our angle of vision. It means attempting to expand our range of vision, find new viewpoints, move closer, move further away, stretch, stand on tiptoe, turn around.


It is a dance, it is movement, it makes us feel alive, connected, interesting. It keeps us developing and growing. It is a study that never ends, that is everywhere, all the time, in everything; it is the “why” and the “how”, it is a true, burning passion that drives our lives.


We are creative people and we present our work on stage in front of an audience.

It may be at a workshop, on our website, through a product, or at one-on-one meetings. Our dialogue with you is a performance and our aim is that you will watch and respond. We call it knocking on the door – suggesting that you invite something in and observe it.

We need to attract your attention so that you will hear us knocking, to surprise and intrigue you so you will want to get up and open the door.
This is the origin of our creative language. It comes from our background in the theatre and from our experience in driving processes of thinking.
A language that is unexpected but precise.


Unexpected is the package. Colorful and vital, different from what we know, sometimes illogical. It may have something disturbing, provoking indecision, or something captivating and tempting – the main thing is for the encounter with it to shake things up and open people’s eyes.
Inside the package there is a message, the experience we have created has a narrative and it is accurate when it is relevant.

When we identify something of ourselves in it. We make sure that it is sophisticated, we believe that our audience will understand.
So this is how we work – we create a provocation, we attract attention, and in a moment of alertness we put across our message – here, we have knocked on the door. You decide whether to open it or not.
Thank you. Applause.


It begins with a little pecking that gets stronger and stronger, we begin to look, it grows into a real hunger, we close our eyes and try to imagine what will satisfy us, ideas pass before us until one of them ignites a flame, sparks excitement, enthusiasm, inspires us, the mind begins to work, creativity develops and the dream becomes clear.

The dream is the source of energy, it does not let go of us and we do not let go of it. It has passion, creativity, ambition, tossing us far and high.
As we fly higher, more possibilities are spread out before us, more opportunities, our hunger increases, the fire burns stronger, everything seems possible.


The dream gains strength, gives us courage – to fulfill a dream, we sometimes take a risk. Our dreams have led us to where we are today.


We see the dream as a tool for leadership, for leading. A dream translated into vision and road map, a true dream inspiring motivation and belief, such a dream is contagious, it can be passed on, and that, in fact, is our mission.


We interpret ‘devotion’ in the most intimate sense: To devote yourself it is necessary to strip off and to be together.

Stripping off begins with coming closer, putting down the masks, first of all our own. Approaching in a way that is clean, simple, authentic, nothing to hide, no one is perfect. Bringing ourselves, sharing with others what we really are. It is expressed in the language that we choose to use, the informal atmosphere that is most comfortable for us, sometimes in slippers, usually with a smile, with humor, aiming for meetings to be pleasant and work accompanied by enjoyment.


This is how a connection is formed – one on one or one with a group, and when we achieve closeness it is easier to set out and to act together.
And together is a strategy. A powerful tool for achieving aims. It starts with our togetherness as a couple and continues with a sense of belonging that it is important for us to build among all those who go with us.


It requires us to listen, to be tolerant, to extend a hand, to give generously and with abundance. To find the point that connects us personally to each individual with sensitivity and love. Even when it is not easy there is no choice, we have to find the right way to connect and move on in coordination and synchronization.
To connect and be connected to the dream that leads us and to fulfill it together, each one of us from our own place. We are a group of devotees and if you really want to join us, you have to devote yourself in return.


Every dream has an excel.

To the same extent that it is important for us to look inward and to fly with our dreams, it is important to translate them into action.
We are sworn ‘doers’: we mark targets, break them down into tasks, and move forward with determination to carry them out.


There is no single way to achieve success and so, despite our focus and adherence to the goal, we are careful to keep a channel open for the creativity and initiative that will help us find the right solutions.
From time to time we try to stop, sum up, and draw conclusions so as to become more effective and accurate in the future.


True, sometimes it is a Sisyphean task, convoluted, frustrating, sometimes it takes a long time. But we have staying power, the question is not whether we will succeed, but when.

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