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Our Workshops Will 
Enhance Your Skills 

and Uplift Your Spirit

Are you looking for training for your company?


Then you've come to the right place! In addition to our Points of You® Academy, we support numerous companies in developing employees and managers, including leadership, sales, team building and culture.


There are so many ways that Points of You®️ games and processes can be incorporated into your organisation’s learning and development programs or as an intervention in your therapy workshops.

Our Workshops are designed as a unique combination of sensory experiences, practical wisdom, and meaningful connections with yourself and others.

Choose from our diverse workshops – from 2 hours online professional know-how training to long-term sustainable programs.

Our Workshops,
Make It

Points of You® Cyprus offers you high-quality, ready-made training solutions. If required, we will work with you to develop a training concept tailored specifically to your company needs.

Our high quality standards apply throughout the entire process - from needs analysis and training implementation to ensuring learning success.

With Points of You® tools and methodology, experience shows that participants open up faster and more precisely than with conventional methods.

Whether general or very specialised topics - Points of You® bring new perspectives and measurable results.

Take the lead in 1:1 Talks, Meetings, Communication Challenges

1:1 Talks

More togetherness in our training about Teambuilding, Diversity, Team Culture and Working environment

Team Culture
Working Together

You feel stuck with stress, burnout, self-confidence and personal growth. We are here to help.

Personal Growth

What Will You Gain by Using Our Workshops?

Powerful Tools

Experience Points of You® tools that effectively create meaningful conversations and authentic dialogues.

Spike Creativity 

Using creative and visual tools help you express in a way that is precise, inspirational, and surprising.

Discover the Diversity
Experience the countless possibilities on all topics and for all target groups. 
A Reflection Journey

Make space to pause, breathe, and meet yourself and colleagues. Gain valuable insights on issues at your workplace and your role in solving problems.

What are our participants saying?

Elena M., Business Consultant - Trainer - Coach (Cyprus)

"I love the energy of the place: professional with positive, creative vibes. The workshop was a very rewarding experience for me. Points of You Cyprus makes you feel welcome and everything is well organized."
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